NAAC Accredited (Grade-‘B+’) 2nd Cycle

Department of Economics


Service, the ultimate value in our Indian ethos, is the culture of Netaji Nagar College and the Department of Economics is no exception to it. The Department of Economics dates back to the establishment of Netaji Nagar College, the Parent Body, in 1967. Two former Principals of this college had Economics as their main subject and one of them adorned the chair of HOD before being the Head of the institution. Years ago the venerable local community along with many other  well- wishers entrusted this college with the responsibility and honour  of imparting education to the learner, and we, in our humble way have been trying to honour the responsibility entrusted with us in this regard. 


Economics in general is a developing Social Science based on the daily activities of the people and deals with logical reasoning of utilization of scarce resources. In reality, Economics holds a strong relation with other subjects, namely Geography, History, Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science, Commerce and Environmental Sciences. So the eternal process of matching the unlimited wants with the limited resources has been going on for generations. At every step we simply try to maximize our satisfaction, subject to certain limitations  and think rationally before taking any decision on –what, how, for whom etc. All these critical questions are addressed to at different levels of aggregation in a subject we call---Economics. Economics, on one hand, is interested in the essential operations of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services and on the other, in the institutions and activities to facilitate these operations.


As for as the student profile, faculty quality, infrastructure, the teaching-learning process are concerned, the Department delivers standard teaching to the students of General category of B.A. & B.Sc, and General and Honours category of B.Com including the Indian  Financial System .


The students are encouraged to take part in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities well. A Wall Magazine “ARTHANWITA” is published annually, offering scope for pupilary capabilities to be opened up. Besides the Central Library , a small library is run by the department to cater to the needy students. The department had arranged internal seminars by eminent economists, and hosted BEA  mid-year  seminar on Food Security In India, and an  International Seminar jointly with the Department of Commerce in 2010.


The homely atmosphere of the department is its special feature where the teachers and the taught communicate with each other as a family, sharing a common platform. Optimum utilization of one’s capabilities is also a parameter for measuring success. Success does not always mean holding high positions in the society. We look forward to their overall success in life. The responsibility of keeping up the reputation of the Department as well as the College lies on the teachers and the students alike and the baton passes on from one generation to the other.



Faculty Members:


Prof. Anasuya Kar  M.A   (HOD)


Prof. Bhajan Chandra Barman,  M.A


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