NAAC Accredited (Grade-‘B+’) 2nd Cycle

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The eventful career of the Netaji Nagar College began on the 25th of September, 1967 with evening classes arranged in the premises of the Netaji Nagar Vidyamandir. Construction of the college building began within three years’ time. A corpus of fund to finance the building was created with a sum of one lakh and fourteen thousand rupees, quite a handsome amount by the standards of the time. People from all walks of life contributed to the fund. A measure of people’s urge for making a success of the college can be had from the fact that the common man’s small donations, of one or two rupees each, added up to quite a significant portion of the corpus.


The institution has developed a distinctive identity of its own in the southern fringes of the city. It has been absolutely unrelenting in its efforts to reach out to the students of the area, especially the ones coming from the economically vulnerable sections of the society.


For the dedicated and sincere faculty of the college, the academic interests of the students are of utmost importance and the teachers are always ready to support and encourage the students in other activities as well.


The institution’s role does not begin and end with dissemination of knowledge and information to its students. The role is that of ‘mentoring’ them. To help them develop a liberal attitude towards life and society in general, and simultaneously impart knowledge on how to make a foray in the job-market have always been our areas of priority.


Our main objective is to consolidate on our achievements of the previous years, to take innovative measures for academic improvement, and explore areas of knowledge and information that will provide jobs to our students. And above all, create a friendlier and more congenial atmosphere for learning.

Even the NAAC report has indicated this. The institution went for its first cycle of NAAC assessment in 2007 and came out with flying colours. We were confident enough that we could do much better in the second cycle, though it is generally perceived to be extremely tough. We had our ‘tryst’ with destiny in 2016 when we plunged for the second cycle of assessment. We had our share of goose bumps. We knew we had to cross the bridge; no matter how difficult it appeared at that point of time. The Institution, as a well oiled cohesive unit took the plunge and eventually emerged triumphant. It was indeed a superlative performance by us. We were accredited B+, a huge improvement on our first cycle performance. Impressed by our performance, the NAAC peer team recommended introduction of post graduation courses in Commerce, Bengali Language and Literature and Economics. This intend was an emphatic seal on us as a formidable centre for learning. 

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