NAAC Accredited (Grade-‘B+’) 2nd Cycle




The college provides Internet facilities to the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff. The office, library, computer centre, some departments, IQAC and the Principal’s Room are  well connected with internet facilities. The students and all the staff members of the college can access the internet as and when required.


The college has a very well equipped canteen. Utmost care is taken by the canteen staff to provide healthy refreshments to its students, teaching and non- teaching staff at an affordable price.


There is a Concession Committee in place which is extremely sensitive to the cause of meritorious students who are economically vulnerable. Though there is no institutional scholarship as such our teachers of the institution are ever ready to provide succour in the form of financial help as and when there is an appeal from the students. The institution in principle has always been compassionate about waiving the tuition fees of meritorious otherwise economically vulnerable.


There are two common rooms – one for boys and the other for girls students. The students can enjoy indoor games like, Table Tennis, Carom and Chess. There is a good ambiance in the common rooms


There is a cycle stand in the college premises. Students can keep their cycles at a minimum cost. This Cycle stand ensures safety to the cycles which is an important mode of transport for the students of the college.


There is a Cheap Sore within the campus of the college. Students can buy books and education related articles from the Cheap Store at a reasonable rate.


There is a Health Insurance Coverage in place for the students of the college. Besides this, the students are also the members of the Students’ Health Home where major health related problems are attended to at a very low cost. In case there is a emergency the institution calls the local Doctor at once to attend to the students. There is a provision of First-aid in the college. In case of any exigency initial first-aid is provided to the ailing students. The college is very much cautious regarding health related issue.


The College has a playground of its own and  is very close to it. It is used by the institution for all games and sports. The college spares no efforts to encourage and promote sports and games both indoor and outdoor of a large variety, especially athletics, football, cricket, badminton, and volleyball. College teams regularly take part in a variety of inter- college competitions and have frequently won prizes. In the year 2000 the college took up the responsibly of conducting the Annual Inter- District Sports Meet for the South Calcutta Zone sponsored by the Directorate of Education of the West Bengal Government. There performance has been extremely impressive and some of them have brought laurels  to the college in their individual capacity also. In 2015 the college has own Champion’s Trophy in cricket organized by the Kolkata Police.


The students of the college have not only been taking part consistently over the years, but also have left their mark as well in an emphatic manner in various sports competitions. The sports committee takes  care of this and provides every possible infrastructure related support to the students. The college takes part in the various games and sports activities and some of the important events are as under:

a)Various cricket, football and Table Tennis tournaments  organised under the aegis of the University of Calcutta.

b)South Calcutta Inter-college athletic meet organised by the University of Calcutta.

c)South Calcutta Inter-college football tournament organised by Kolkata Police.

d)The college organises its Annual sports in the month of December every year.

e)Indoor games competitions are also a salient features of our sports related activities

f)The college participates in cricket tournaments organized by the different organsations.


There is this fund to take care of the needs of the poor and meritorious students. Monthly Fees/ Purchase of Books and Clothes. Medical treatment are taken care of by this fund.

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