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The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Netaji Nagar College is inarguably the pioneer in Journalism related studies in our state. Long before anywhere in Bengal Journalism made foray into the academics, here at Netaji Nagar College, almost unobtrusively, it made a modest beginning and subsequently went on to become quite a formidable branch of the Social Sciences.
Though we do not want to sound immodest, yet the truth is that the recent craze for taking up Journalism and Mass Communication and related courses for higher education here in Bengal, and other parts of eastern India would not have been possible at all, if this institution at the back waters of South Calcutta had not played the “Avant Garde” roughly three and a half decades back. Constraints were too many, with no dearth of skeptics to question the wisdom of teaching something which the academic puritan would simply brush off as some run-of-the-mill vocational course, hardly envisaging the revolution in the world of communication that would unfold in the decades to follow.
The turn of the last century can aptly be termed as the “Watershed” decade for the country as a whole. India embarked on an unenviable journey of restructuring its economic policies pursued from the Nehruvian era to boldly enter the 21st Century. Economic reforms were initiated and the “Licence Raj” was dismantled. “Laissez faire” economy became the flavour of the decade. Sweeping changes were taking place in every walk of life. Economic liberalization and globalization entered the lexicon of the middle class. Globalization became all pervasive at such a speed that before the 90”s reached its half way mark, the media in this country too realized that it too had to reinvent itself if it wanted to benefit from the almost revolutionary changes taking place in the world of communication. 24x7 entertainment channels, subsequently 24x7 news channels, cross media ownership followed. In a nutshell, the idiom of entertainment and dissemination of information changed overnight almost with a bang only vindicating the far-sightedness of those who introduced Journalism as an academic discipline at a degree-level institution some 35 years back. Gone were the days of just classroom teaching. In came courses that would offer jobs to students in a market driven society.
That is what exactly we have been trying to do here at Netaji Nagar College in our very own humble way. Apart from teaching the University framed curriculum we try to offer them “hands-on” experience in various areas of modern-day journalism. The faculty mostly comprising Guest Lecturers are committed to instilling the spirit of competitiveness among the students so that they can meet the challenges of the professional world, once they are out of the confines of the classroom.  Not that all students enter the field of Journalism once they are through with their college degree. Even today, for many, a government job is considered plum. The department takes pride in the fact that one of its alumni is now a member of the West Bengal Civil Services. There are others who have come out with flying colours in various University examinations, both at the Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels. There are even alumni who have cracked All India Entrance Examinations like the one held for the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and subsequently found placement in various media organizations. The number of alumni working in the various media is quite impressive in the light of the fact that most of the students we deal with are by and large first generation learners or at the most, second generation learners. We take pride in the fact that we do not practise ”cherry picking” while admitting students to our institutions.
The Department has a Lab Journal in Bengali by the name of “Sambadisa”, apart from the wall magazine ”Muktomone”. The Department had also brought out its lab journal in English titled ”The Razor Edge”, though it was a maiden venture. The department also boasts of various seminars organized by it. One can wrap up by saying with a tinge of confidence that the future holds promise for the department and its students, because there is an indomitable spirit among all the stake holders to meet the challenges of these highly competitive times.
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Online Study Material

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7. Functions of communication & mass communication , 2nd Sem , Saddam Hossain

8. Citizen journalism Sem-2, CC-4, unit-2 by Anindya Bhattacharya

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10. online journalism Sem-2, CC-4, unit-2 by Anindya Bhattacharya

11. TV talk show, 4th Sem, CC-8 unit-3 by Sreetama Paul




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