The College has a playground very close to it. It is used by the institution for all kinds of sports events. Despite paucity of funds, the college spares no efforts to encourage and promote sports and games, both indoor and outdoor of a large variety; especially athletics, football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, table-tennis & carom. College teams regularly take part in a variety of inter-college competitions and have frequently won prizes. The College has conducted the Annual Inter-District Sports Meet for the South Calcutta Zone, sponsored by the Directorate of Education of the West Bengal Government in the past. The students of the college have not only been taking part consistently over the years, but also have left their mark as well in an emphatic manner in various sports competitions. The sports committee takes  care of this and provides every possible infrastructure related support to the students.

The college takes part in the various games and sports activities and some of the important events are as under:

a)Various cricket, football and Table Tennis tournaments  organised under the aegis of the University of Calcutta.

b)South Calcutta Inter-college athletic meet organised by the University of Calcutta.

c)South Calcutta Inter-college football tournament organised by Kolkata Police.

d)The college organises its Annual sports in the month of December every year.

e)Indoor games competitions are also a salient features of our sports related activities

f)The college participates in cricket tournaments organized by the different organisations.


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