The College Magazine entitled “Prabaha” is published from time to time, though there is a constant endeavour on the part of the institution to bring it out an annual number. Not that such endeavours have always met with success. But apart from this, every department of the college has atleast one publication to its credit—either in form of an academic journal or a lab journal, least of all ‘Wall Magazine’. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication can be credited for publishing lab journals in both English and Bengali—"The Razor’s Edge” being the English one and “Sambadisa” being the one in Bengali. Besides this, the department’s Wall Magazine “Muktaman” is brought out at regular intervals. The Department of Bengali Language and Literature can also be credited for bringing out its journal “Swabhaber Swar”; and also it’s Wall Magazine “Mukhar Prachir” periodically. The Department of Economics has “Arthanwita” to its credit, adding to the list of Wall Magazines of the College; while the Department of Political Science brought out the maiden issue of its Wall Magazine “Synergy”. The Departments of Geography and History too are not so far behind, publishing “Bhorra” and “Suchetana” respectively. “The Benchmark” is the ‘signature journal’, so to say, of the Department of Commerce. The Department has a Wall Magazine to its credit, entitled—"NNC WALL MAG.COM’” The Department of English is credited with publishing the “Netaji Nagar Journal of English Literature and Language” with ISSN no. 232041109. “Mirror” is the Departmental Wall Magazine.     


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