NAAC Accredited (Grade-‘B+’) 2nd Cycle

Department of Bengali





PART I       A) Modern Indian Language (Bengali) -50 marks

                B) Elective Bengali – one paper of 100marks

PART II –  A) Students have to take two papers of 100 marks.

PART III – A) One paper of 100 marks.


Three years B.A. Honours course:


Part I – a) Modern Indian language (Bengali) – 50marks

            b) Two Hons papers, each carrying 100 marks (200) and two general subjects from the following one, each having one paper of 100 marks:

a) History

B) Political Science

c) Journalism and Mass Communication or Geography



Part II- Students have to take two Honours papers, each carrying 100 marks (200) and two General Subjects, each having two papers of 100 marks (200) from the subjects mentioned above.

Part III - Students have to take only four Honours papers, each carrying 100 marks (400)



Teaching staff

Dr. Agnimitra Ghosh M.A. Ph.D , Head of the Dept , Associate Professor

Dr. Sujata Mitra M.A.,P.Phil. , Ph.D , CWTT

Dibakar Das M.A , M.Phil , PTT

Sukanya Sengupta M.A. , PTT



Learning Resources: Though the central library is a repository of authentic text and reference books in Bengali, but given the no of students, it is not adequate. Text books, reference books and other theoretical books required for thorough study in Bengal literature are available in this library. To encourage the students for pursuing studies seriously, research journals, literary journals, magazines, for e.g. “Desh” and “Bangla Akademi Patrika” are kept on regular basis.


The Computer Center of the college has no doubt helped the students of Bengali literature in an innovative way.


The department library pools its resources for the students of Bengali literature, especially those who are economically backward. Use of audio-visual media has brought the study of literature closer to the heart of our students.



Different Activities:


1.Holding of periodical class tests

2.Periodic review of students’ attendance in the class and in different college programmes

3.Showing examined answer scripts of college test to the students to enable them to plug their loopholes

4.Arrangement of guardians meetings regarding  performance of students

5.Use of ICT

6.Publication of wall magazine ‘Mukhar Prachir’

7.Publication of Departmental Magazine – ‘Swabhaber Swar’

8.Regular arrangement of Seminars

9.Seminars by students

10.Faculty Exchange Programme

11.Organisation of study tour regularly  

Online Study Materials 2020

1. Dr. Agnimitra Ghosh, Bengali (Hons), 4th Semester 10th Paper, Prabondha, Module-2


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