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Department of English




“Welcome to the Department of English.It is one of the most academically vibrant departments of the college. It not only provides a thorough mentoring in English literature and language but also exposes the students to the bigger world of academia through regular seminars, conferences, special lectures, study tours etc. I along with my professors take a unique interdisciplinary approach to literature so that the students develop a fuller understanding of the "text"and the "context" in which it is produced. The professors also provide individual attention and feedback to the students according to the progress and class response. I sincerely hope, the time you spent with us in this department,will forever remain etched in your memory." 





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Assistant Prof.


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Achievements of the Department of English


The department has always been striving for excellence. In order to maintain a vibrant academic culture the department has organized:

1.UGC sponsored National Level Seminar in collaboration with the Consulate of Suriname on Historicity of Text and Textuality of History [2010]. Scholars like Dr Chittabrata Palit, Dr. Sukanta Chaudhury, Dr Saubhik Datta were invited speakers.

2.UGC sponsored National Level Seminar in collaboration with the Department of Bengali, Jadavpur University on Popular Culture:The “text” of empowering the “masses”[2013].  The list of invited speakers included Dr Navaneeta Devsen, Dr Chittabrata Palit, Dr Sambuddha Sen, Dr Swapan Kr. Chakravarty, Dr Chandrani Biswas, Dr Niladri Chatterjee, Dr Saugata Bhaduri and filmmaker Aneek Dutta.

3.Special lecture by Dr Amlan Dasgupta, Jadavpur University, on Tragedy and its Evolution.[2012]

4.Inter-College Creative Writing Competition and panel discussion on Critical Thought and Creative Writing in English Literary Studies. [2010, 2011].The Panelists included poet Binayak Bandopadhyay, Dr. Malini Bhattacharya, and Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta.

5.Publication of an ISSN journal by the department to expose the scholars as well as the students to high quality critical thought. [2013]

6.Study Tour of famous monuments like St. Paul”s Cathedral, Victoria Memorial, Town Hall Museum for an interesting practical experience of the colonial history of Calcutta. [2014]


Why study in the Department of English?


A degree in English can open up new vistas for your career. Apart from academics, English graduates are highly valued in journalism, print/visual media, editing/publishing industries. They also find employment as interpreters at call centers. With the growth and development of the corporate sector, students find attractive jobs in many MNCs. Students can also opt for MBA for better prospects. English graduates always have an edge over others when they appear for exams and interviews for govt. sector jobs.


Online Study Materials (4th Sem) 2020

1. JG-SEM4-CC9-Blake

2. PR-SEM4-CC8-Crusoe

3. PR-SEM4-CC8-The Way of the World

4. PR-SEM4-CC9-Frankenstein

5. PR-Sem4-CC10-Pand P

6. SDE-SEM4-CC8-Elegy

7. SDE-SEM4-CC8-Elegy


9. SDE-Sem4-CC9-Wordsworth



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