NAAC Accredited (Grade-‘B+’) 2nd Cycle

Department of Political Science


Though the college offers General course in Political Science, the department has been drawing huge number of students to it over the years. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the fact that Political Science as a branch of the Social Sciences has always fascinated students generation after generation in this part of the country which has been a witness to many socio-political and socio-economic movements for centuries. The Renaissance movement is a case in point. Political Science is not only about the nation State and its relationship with the society per se, but also about composite cultures, tolerance, acceptance of pluralism, and accommodation of various shades of opinions. In a world torn apart by intolerance and mindless violence, the study of Political Science has become all the more imperative now. Judging every issue with a scientific temper and a rational mind, encouraging the spirit of enquiry are the core areas that the discipline deals with. Safely in the hands of young and dynamic men and women, the department exactly does that apart from taking care of the syllabus. Students are encouraged to take part in various debates on pertinent issues of the day in a class room situation. Contemporary world and its issues that form part of serious intellectual discourse in the Social Sciences are discussed in a threadbare manner. The inclusion of students in those discussions make class room teaching all the more fascinating.



1.Prof. Anasuya  Kar (Coordinator)

2.Prof. Bipasha Ghosh Dastidar  M.A., M.Phil


Online Study Materials:

1. Pol Sc Gen CC-4 Paper: International Relations (Sem-4) 


2. Pol Sc Gen CC-4 Paper: International Relations (Sem-4) 

3. Pol Sc B.A. Gen CC-4 Paper: International Relations (Sem-4) 



6. Political Science material in Bengali for B.A General 4th Semester by Prof. Sweta Sarkar & head of the department of Political Science




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