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The Department of History



Welcome to the department of History, Netaji Nagar College where you can explore the past for a better understanding of the present. The department offers "three year" courses at the undergraduate level. The four faculty members take great care to run both the Honours and General courses. Our department puts strong emphasis on faculty mentorship and a student centric environment. The department prepares students for university examinations by providing study materials to them at a regular basis. Apart from this, tutorial and remedial classes are also scheduled by the department for extending special support to the students. We encourage our students to take advantage of learning opportunities outside the class room, attend department-sponsored special lectures and events. The department organizes national and state level seminars and also conducts education tours. The faculty members are committed to both teaching and research and participate in many interdisciplinary academic activities.


Faculty Members:



M.A, M.Phil

Guest Lecturer



Guest Lecturer



Guest Lecturer


Online Study Material :


1. 2nd semester_DD_CC_3_art-architecture_of_Kushana

2. 2nd semester_DD_CC_3_art-architecture_of_Kushana_1

3. 2nd semester_DD_CC_3_art-of-mauryan-period

4. 2nd semester_DD_CC_3_overview_of_satvahana_empire

5. 2nd semester_DD_CC_4_rise_of_universities_in_medieval_europe

6. 2nd semester_DD_CC4_The Age of Magicians_ Periodization in the History of European Ma

7. 2nd Semester_DD_PAPER_CC3 andCC4

8. 4th Semester DD_PAPER CC_9

9. 4th Semester DD_PAPER CC_9_1

10. 4th Semester_DD_CC9 Mughal rule under Akbar

11. DD_HIST_SEM-2_CC-3_ Ashokan Dhamma

12. DD_HIST_SEM-4_CC_9_sher shah



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